Let’s face it.

There’s a problem in STEM.


STEM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths.

These fields have tons of career opportunities and they are constantly growing.

STEM disciplines have the potential to change the future.

STEMcity is working in the Illawarra to inspire employers, educators and students
to work together to solve the problem with STEM and create a better future.

About STEMcity

So, what’s the problem?

There aren’t enough people studying STEM degrees or entering STEM jobs. As cool as it sounds to us, there’s a lack of awareness and not enough focus on education in STEM field.

STEM enrolments in universities are in serious decline. Less than half (44%) of students who actually enrol in an IT degree will finish it. For STEM degrees more broadly, only 49% will finish their degree.

A significant number of high school students’ parents don’t feel that the STEM career path is valid. STEM employers all over the world are struggling to find employees with the skill sets needed to do the job.

STEM in Australia is heading in the wrong direction.
We need to fix it!

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Why do you need me?

STEM needs all the support it can get if we’re going to get
more people studying and working in STEM.

We need our industry rock stars; we need our STEM career
success stories; we need to show the world just how exciting
STEM can be.

We can keep waiting for someone else to do something about it,
or we can start doing something about it ourselves.

STEMcity is working towards building an active community in
the Illawarra and raising awareness through events, outreach
programs and press.

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